Dissertation on Design. Collection 01

It is in an iconic place, located in the Gallaratese district of Milan, where the photographer Salva Lopez captured the essence of our first collection. A warm and sophisticated visual language, using natural light, soft tones and shadows. A modern, unclassifiable exterior for an interior design that aims to become “a new classic”. The Complesso Monte Amiata is the extraordinary feat of two Italian architects, Aldo Rossi and Carlo Aymonio. Inspired by a certain Le Corbusier and his Marseille Housing Unit, they designed this residential complex in the late 1960s, with the intention of making it an utopian urban community, an inclusive and alternative city of the future.


The architecture is contrasted, fragmented. There, the apartments stack on top of each other, alternating between glass blocks, balconies and red window frames. Here, a monolithic building, whose white rigor is supported by colonnades on the ground floor. Outside, an amphitheater and few places to serve the city. The full and the empty alternate, the clear red and yellow play with natural ocher.

This particular rhythm – which you have to live to understand – creates a connection between the 440 dwellings and the public space of the community.






Pictures by Salva Lopez
Art Direction by Studio Blanco
Set Design by Greta Cevenini