Introducing La Manufacture

La Manufacture is a brand where design and fashion collide. A brand where a certain je ne sais quoi of French allure meets the best Italian craftsmanship. A certain idea of French lifestyle (re)interpreted by world-renowned international designers. Each collection will highlight world-class craftsmanship, timeless aesthetics and enduring quality.

After years spent dreaming of making this ambitious project a reality, his CEO Robert Acouri has brought together two great figures from the creative industry, who share his passion and determination: designer Luca Nichetto, La Manufacture’s Art Director, and fashion consultant Milena Laquale, Head of the Fashion Collection. And for their very first collection, the three have earned the trust of la crème de la crème of the international design scene. A remarkable achievement for this young company.

La Manufacture is a place where bespoke, where manufactured objects take precedence over the industrial process. Each piece is defined by its function, all aspects of its design carefully considered, its experience shaped by the choice of carefully selected and highly specialised finishes, all of which reflect the brand’s philosophy to consistently seek out the best, most unique and most inspiring solutions. The intelligence of the hand, the beauty of handwork is paired with industrial precision to lend greater emotion to this family of high-quality products, allowing them in turn to bring to life their surroundings, whether residential or commercial.

La Manufacture is also a physical location. In this golden age of concept stores, La Manufacture has opted instead to open a boutique, a place where everyone can feel comfortable. An opportunity for customers to make new experiences and to live something truly unique. A safe haven where design and fashion collections are presented and allowed to express themselves in a comforting setting of pared-down architecture. The appearance of simplicity, concealing a world of elegant sophistication.

La Manufacture runs counter to established norms: its ambition is not to respond to fads, but rather to develop a comprehensive art of living. Timeless creations liberated from trends, but still informed by the zeitgeist and the specific habits of contemporary urbanites who yearn for both elegance and practicality