Perch – Coat Hanger

Design by Nendo

Perch is a coat stand that draws inspiration from the delicate and scattered tracks birds leave on the ground, joined together by a single line.


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As opposed to other coat stands, which consist of a central post with thinner arms growing out of it at the end, Perch challenges expectations with a design that develops along its central pole, branching out into three prongs, then three more, then again three more, in a process reminiscent of how crystals or corals form, thereby obscuring the distinction between the pole and the arms.

Additional information:
  • Dimensions : 51cm x 36cm x H 170cm
  • Materials: Base Stone Granit or marble. Structure in metal.
  • Colours Base: Emperor Silver Dark, Red Marble, Verde Marinace Granit. Or metal black, white and coral.

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Designer & Founder Studio Nendo

Oki Sato was born in 1977 in Toronto, Canada. Received M.Arch. from Waseda University, Tokyo in 2002. Established design studio “nendo” in the same year. 
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