Social Responsibility

RSE: Our commitments and our values

“ Our solutions contribute to the challenges facing companies, particularly with regard to the well-being and quality of life of its users. Our products and services are designed to be "User Centric" and deeply embody our commitment to offering a true employee experience and prioritizing our approach to people. Our commitment to the environment is part of a global and concrete approach that involves all areas of our company’s activity and its partners – from eco-design to manufacturing, from the choice of materials to their sourcing, from logistics to transport, from the life cycle of products to their recycling. Beyond the performance and design of our products, our respect for raw materials ensures a virtuous approach for both our customers and partners, as well as the environment. At the Cider Group, our employees strive to be agents of change and make a difference in our society every day.”

Robert Acouri, President of Cider Group

We support the Global Compact

As early as 2014, we decided to join the United Nations Global Compact and communicate regularly on our progress. We support and promote the ten principles promoting human rights, labour rights, the environment and the fight against corruption. These principles are part of the Cider Group’s DNA and a source of commitment and pride. Through our quality and environmental management processes, our Corporate Social Responsibility approach is improving day by day, allowing us to fulfil our responsibilities and meet the expectations of both our internal and external stakeholders.



Because we know where we come from, and nothing has been given to us, we approach each project patiently, one at a time. Our years of experience and continuous sharing have taught us to constantly question ourselves and remain open-minded. We are grateful to our clients for giving us the opportunity to work every day.


Customer culture

The customer is unique, and the sense of service is not a corporate value that we have to instil. Each employee lives the values that unite us: passion, humanity, humility, and audacity - all for the benefit of the customer and their family.



Boldness is a complementary quality to humility. It is this audacity that gives us the desire every day to surpass ourselves, reinvent ourselves, push our limits and our barriers, make curiosity a quality, and step outside the box. We are unique, and we claim it. We dare.


Responsibility at the heart of our organisation

A voluntary approach, supported by all employees

Our RSE approach is voluntary and is based on both a global and cross-functional approach. It is based on all CSR themes:

  • Governance
  • Human rights
  • Working conditions and relations
  • Environment
  • Fair practices
  • Customer and consumer issues
  • Communities and local development

    In the Cider Group, we have chosen to drive the CSR approach actively. We continuously work with all our employees, customers, and suppliers to improve our approach pragmatically. Thanks to them, we seek to make progress in reducing our environmental impact and promoting inclusion, well-being, and quality of life at work.


    A recognised approach

    In the Cider Group, we are proud of our commitments and our approach. We obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2006 and ISO 14001 in 2008. In 2021, we received Ecovadis' GOLD medal for our CSR performance, with a score of 71/100, which is obtained by only 5% of the evaluated companies. For comparison, the industry average score is 38/100.

    ISO-9001 ISO-14001 ecovadis-2021

    The human factor, a central issue

    Socially responsible and involved

    The Cider Group is known for its furniture designs that promote the well-being and quality of life of its users. This deeply embodies what we are: a socially responsible company that aims to provide a genuine employee experience and emphasize our approach towards people. 

    Our group is committed to human rights issues:

    • A member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2014
    • A member since 2015 of the "charter for ethical and responsible commercial relations" set up by unifa, the Cider Group is committed to the well-being of its employees
    • Actor in the reflections on well-being at work of:

        1. Arseg, association of work environment managers
        2. Actineo, Observatory of the quality of life at work
        3. Via, Valorisation innovation ameublement
    unifa ARSEF actineo VIA

    Promoting diversity and inclusion

    The Cider Group signed the diversity charter in 2021, thereby committing to deploying concrete actions in favour of diversity and communicating regularly on the subject.

    Thus in the Cider Group

    • We ensure gender parity within our workforce and on the management committee
    • We fight against sexism by raising awareness among all teams
    • We maintain full pay during maternity and paternity leave
    • We act for the employment and inclusion of people with disabilities by using adapted companies such as cèdre, for the management of our waste and cafés joyeux for our moments of conviviality (coffees, trays, meals...)

    Key figures:

    • 50% men in our workforce
    • 50% men on the board of directors
    • 100% pay during maternity and paternity leave
    JOYEUX leCedre

    Getting involved, for overall well-being

    Supporting our employees and ensuring their employability

    In the Cider Group, we take care to facilitate the integration of new employees by forming pairs and then introducing them to the different sites and professions of the company, all of which are validated by an astonishment report. We are also keen to maintain everyone's employability and to ensure the development of skills by offering regular training.

     Key figures:

    • 184 hours of training in 2021
    • 11 people trained

    Ensuring a safe and serene workplace

    The prevention of occupational risks is at the heart of our concerns. We regularly update our occupational risk prevention document (DUERP) for all our sites. We train our employees in gestures and postures and our managers in stress management, time and conflict management and psychosocial risks.

    Key figures:

    • 260 hours of training since 2018 on prevention and civic or workplace first aid
    • Psychosocial risk awareness training in 2022.

      Ensuring a work/life balance

    • We do everything possible to ensure that our employees feel good at work, as well as in the Cider Group:
    • We take parenthood into account with individualised HR support for the employees concerned,
    • We organise our meetings and training sessions in time slots that allow for work/life balance,
    • We integrate new working methods: flex-office, teleworking

    Limiting our environmental impact

    Our ISO 14001 certification guarantees our environmental management system

    The Cider Group includes respect for the environment in the rules that govern its main activities. As an eco-responsible company, we take numerous initiatives to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. For example:


    We have sorted bins on our premises for household kitchen waste, WEEE* (toner), glass, paper, cardboard and plastic. We are digitising our processes with the aim of achieving zero paper in 5 years with the Zeendoc platform. We are systematically reusing materials. We are integrating citizen actions into our internal events, such as the collection of waste on the beach of the Giens peninsula with the Explore and Preserve collective.

    * Waste electrical and electronic equipment.

     Wood, an essential raw material that we must all preserve

    For several years now, we have been working hard on the supply of wood, the main material used in our products. We have chosen to obtain FSC® certification for our publishing activity. This global certification will be effective in September 2022. From that date, all our products will also be offered in FSC® certified versions.

    We also promote the reuse of wood by offering variants with wood from the Circular Economy. For our distribution products, we favour suppliers who are FSC® certified or whose products are FSC® certifiable. We also favour suppliers who favour the reuse of wood from the Circular Economy, whether for new, second-hand or, of course, second-hand furniture. In line with our activity, we have also chosen to participate financially in two reforestation projects in France in partnership with Reforest Action, one in Seine Maritime at Saint-Aubin-Routot and the other in Aube, at Chamesnil.


    Promoting the circular economy

    Reasonable use of raw materials

    100% recyclable wood and metal components. Wood certified fsc® and/or pefc™. Recycled plastic foams (pet). Metal is made from 73% recycled material. Cradle to cradle certified® fabric for certain products.

    Optimised logistics to limit impacts

    Trucks are loaded to a minimum of 95%. Most deliveries are made from factories in Italy to the customer in order to limit journeys and the carbon footprint. Reduction of packaging for deliveries. Use of recycled, recyclable or reusable materials: cardboard, covers and blankets, and wooden pallets.

    Respectful and 100% Italian manufacturing

    Products manufactured to order (zero stock). 10-year product life (tertiary range), 5 years (image range). Sorting and collection of waste on the production sites and the building sites (in our offices) for reuse, recovery or recycling.


    An offer and services to extend the duration of use

    Products are guaranteed for 5 years (tertiary range) or 2 years (image range). Furniture rental offer with buy-back or collection of furniture by our partners for recovery. Offer can include second-hand or antique products. Collaboration with adopted un bureau in particular (see Our partner community - p.14).


    Design that promotes sustainability

    Right number of components,

    Modularity: maximum interchangeable and reusable parts

    Recyclable, resistant and easy-to-maintain materials


    A virtuous chain at the end of use

    Valdelia to benefit from a collection offer for used furniture with a view to their reuse or recycling. Mobi eco advises and supports the second life of the furniture. Emmaüs for donations.


    Promoting social responsibility for our ecosystem

    Suppliers committed to us

    We seek to ensure that our approach is relevant to our entire ecosystem of suppliers and partners. We are both attentive to their expectations and vigilant about compliance with environmental and social standards.

    We ask our suppliers to commit themselves to us:

     By signing a supplier code of conduct that includes our social (respect for human rights, working conditions, health and safety at work, etc.), environmental (management of pollution, waste, etc.) and ethical (commercial integrity, fair competition, etc.) requirements. By encouraging them to be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified themselves and to offer certified products (FSC® for wood, OEKO-TEX™ for fabrics) or products made of recycled or bio-based materials.


    100% European manufacturing to contribute to local economic development

    We are strongly committed to local value creation. 100% of our production is carried out by manufacturers based in Italy, in the region of Venice. We and our customers benefit from their know-how and respect for the social and environmental standards of the European Union.

    A community of committed partners with innovative and eco-responsible business models

    We value the choice of partners who are themselves committed to a responsible approach. We believe that they can be a vector of responsible innovation, both to enrich the added value of our offers and to reinforce our commitments to society.

    Our community of partners


    • Sourcing: Raw materials from the circular economy, eco-materials, antique furniture, unusual objects
    • Consulting: CSR/MSR strategy consulting - collaborative CSR in collective intelligence
    • Waro: Measure the environmental impact of your WARO.IO products
    • Adopte un bureau: Recycling & second-hand furniture
    • Mobi eco: A second life for your office furniture Recycling - upcycling - donation

    Consulting & Management

    • Lignes et Courbes: A new look at living and working spaces
    • Shift'in: Space planning & change management SHIFTIN.FR/


    • Leascorp: leasing
    • Grenke: leasing
    • Lizee: the future is circular


    • Merci raymond: vegetation - maintenance - animation
    • Castalie: eco responsible water fountains
    • Auum: stop single use now
    • Fraiche cancan: digital canteen

    Digital workplace

    • Creation & innovation: architects - designers - think tank
    • Alive technology: digitalization of spaces
    • Osol: mobile energy
    • Insiteo: saas platform for flexoffice management

    A partner at the service of our customers, a priority

    An efficient, fluid and agile organisation

    Our quality approach leads us towards a dynamic of continuous progress in the operation of the company and the satisfaction of our customers. In particular, it enables us to ensure that our customers benefit from uniform, high-quality products and services. This approach has enabled us, for example, to deploy erp odoo (enterprise resource planning), an integrated and secure solution that facilitates the management of our commercial, logistics and accounting processes. 


    Responsible for our products and services

    We are committed to offering furniture and services that contribute to our customers' challenges, respecting the environment and the health and safety of users.

    Our industrial partners are also iso 9001 certified. Their know-how and requirements are based on both traditional techniques and the latest technologies. Together, we aim for a high standard of quality and compliance:

    • Compliance with reach regulations
    • Reduction or even elimination of VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds)
    • Use of products with A and E1 classification
    • Use of oeko-tex® certified fabrics

    Our ambitions

    Because we can always progress, our CSR strategy is designed for the long term. We, therefore, have several objectives for 2022 and 2023, the main ones of which are as follows: 


    Obtaining Bcorp certification

    •  Firstly, by assessing the social, societal and environmental impact of our operations and business model against a set of standards developed by B La Manufacture

    Measuring our impact more precisely in order to act in an even more targeted manner

    • Carry out a carbon assessment of the entire scope of our activity
    • Carry out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on one or more of our publishing products

    Make our economic model even more virtuous and circular

    • By proposing a re-trade offer