Luca Nichetto

Art Director of La Manufacture. 

Luca Nichetto is above all else a designer. Starting from scratch to develop a new brand concept with Robert Acouri and assuming the position of Art Director was a real challenge for him. The kind that gets his juices flowing. Just like Robert, Luca possesses a distinct personality, deeply creative, with unlimited energy and a strong desire to imagine new ideas and make them into realities.


In his eyes, La Manufacture is a “chicca” — an Italian word meaning something small but valuable —, a rare and precious entity, elegant, refined and beyond time. Since the beginning, he has been the one that has pulled and kept together this community of designers. La Manufacture is a project, a place where these designers hailing from all over the world with their diverse backgrounds, make a cohesive team who share the same aspirations and concerns.


“Today, the French design market consists of renowned furniture brands and small, single-category companies. La Manufacture goes across these industry boundaries, presenting a whole lifestyle offering that underscores the elegance and craftsmanship that are the hallmarks of France and Italy. Additionally, the pluricultural makeup of this team of designers provides the opportunity to shift from local to ‘glocal’ scale in terms of product, creation, offering and sales.”