Milena Laquale

Head of the Fashion Collection

What links fashion designer Milena Laquale to La Manufacture is above all her friendship of more than 20 years with Robert Acouri. And what finally sold her on the challenge of joining La Manufacture was the cross-discipline nature of the project.

Driven by her passion for design and architecture, Milena has worked in fields ranging from haute couture to ready-to-wear, from sportswear to retail. Her insight into the way each of these sectors works and her near-entrepreneurial desire to create and to see this collection through from A to Z made her choice all the more obvious.

A supervisory position, requiring her to get involved into every aspect of the process, from the choice of materials to the final assembly of the product, from the design department’s initial drawing to the back and forth with the factory workers in Italy. Everything that lends its charm to this small company — La Manufacture. For her first collection, Laquale has striven to make each piece one of a kind and part of a consistent whole that also resonates with the furniture collection.

“If I’ve decided to take on this challenge, it is because I needed to experience an authentic creative process again. Here, we are not only concerned with the finished product, but we also look at feasibility and keep a close eye on the whole manufacturing process, as is the case in small factories… which is what La Manufacture is!” 

For the last 30 years, fashion designer Milena Laquale has worked under some of the greatest names in the industry. She started her career with a stint as Head of the Men’s/Women’s Knitwear Collection at Trussardi, where she worked alongside Nicolas Ghesquiere and Marc Audibet. She then joined Nicola del Verme as Style Director. For two years, Milena worked in close collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld for the development of his namesake label. She reached even greater prominence as a Designer for Fendi Sport and EA7 Armani. From 2016 onwards, she has worked on Capucci’s haute couture collections and with Rossignol.