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Amazone Pouf

Amazone Pouf

Design by Atelier Oï

The Amazone collection is designed by Atelier Oï for La Manufacture. It consists of a crucial centre element: a flat surface in natural or lacquered walnut serving as a coffee table, to which a series of poufs are attached. This informal and collaborative configuration gives users full latitude to choose the position they feel most comfortable in and the way they want to interact with others. The range includes several compositions, meeting a variety of needs for workspace, residential or hospitality environments. Individual upholstered poufs are also available in two sizes and can be combined inside a room into fun and spontaneous clusters to create personalised patterns.

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Atelier Oï

Atelier Oï

Atelier Oï was established in 1991, in La Neuveville, Switzerland, by architects and designers Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond. For over 30 years, Atelier Oï has striven to dissolve barriers between genres and foster cross disciplinary creativity.

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